Tuesday, November 18

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Leonardo Art Set

This weeks new TMNT art poster set features Leonardo:
This is Our City/Leonardo

Nickname: Leo
Age: 15
Height: 6' 1" to 6' 2" (73 or 74 inches)
Weight: approx 280 to 285 (including shell)
Eye Color: Medium Blue
Skin Color: Dark green; not quite as dark as Raph.
Personality Quirks: Overly serious and seldom jokes. He's by nature cautious and is driven by duty, honor & responsibility. Demands perfection of himself and those around him. Aspires to be a confident and decisive leader, but because lacking experience, tends to come off cocky with everything being about "his plan" and "doing what he says." His cautious nature puts him in frequent clashes with more impulsive Raphael. His secret fear: that he'll fail as a leader. He strives for Splinter's approval and, of all the Turtles, is the most obedient.
Hobbies:  According to official movie websites, "Leo lives, breathes and sleeps Ninjitsu. When not training or studying Ninjitsu, he Zen meditates on himself and his place in the universe or has long, deep conversations with Splinter." From the film, it's evident he also likes beatboxing (elevator scene) and probably shares his brother's general interest in music, though, being the serious one, he's the last to get into it. As homage to the Leo's being a big science fiction fan, his bed has a Star Wars blanket & a space pillow. His cartoon alter-ego on Nick TMNT also loves sci-fi.
[Height is estimated from elevator scene based on Donnie's official height of 6'8" and weight is my own approximation based on height & build. All other character info is from various official movie & Nickelodeon sites.]
More TMNT Movie Set Pics:
This pic is the "dining room" area. Check out that metal portable sink or basin contraption there on the right! It has a faucet on back and a towel hanging on it and splash screen. There's actually an assortment of woks for cooking on a rack to the right, out of frame.
The basket on the floor says "recycle" and is full of crushed soda cans!

     Next, a full view of the "dining set" area of the Lair:
Cool neon dragon on the wall. And those are some nice smooth pallets--not rough and dirty like usual used-type.
 Little red frig back there in the corner, coated in stickers. Those boys certainly love stickers--but they're kids still, you know. (Let's not make them adults before they ought to be!)

Raphael refers to this as the "Needle Room" on film, where they lay Splinter on that table. Why that expression I can't figure out. It's not related to Japanese; not even as a mispronunciation.
"Shokudo" is "dining room" in Japanese.

 "Old Beat Box" room might more appropriate.

Last: A close up of "bunk area" of Lair:
This is where the guys sleep: in curved beds.The bedding color codes who's bed is who's: 
In foreground: Leo's bed on left (with the blue Star Wars blanket signifying his huge Sci-fy interests!);  Raph's on right with red bedding & guitar for his music interests.
In background: Donnie's on left with the purple pillow; Mikey's on right with orange bedding.
The set decor is meant to look very teenager like. Also what looks like clothing laying about: like knit athletic shorts maybe. (Do you think they wear that battle gear all the time?)

Next: Another view of the bunkroom: 
Both Donnie & Leo's beds have the same space themed pillows, which is a nod toward Donnie also liking sci-fi.
 And you can also see the Jam Room & Dojo from here.

I wonder where Splinter's room is? That's not evident in current set layout. Also, Donnie is supposed to have "a lab."
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of parts of the TMNT sets you
didn't get a good look at during the movie!
Thanks for visiting!

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