Tuesday, November 4

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Mikey Art Set

This weeks new TMNT movie art poster set features Mikey:

Love Thy Brothers/Mikey

Nickname: Mikey
Age: 15
Height: approx  5' 8" or 5' 9" (68 to 69 inches.) He's shortest.
Weight: approx 205 to 215 lbs (including shell) 
Eye Color: Light Baby Blue
Skin Tone: Lightest Green of all the Turtles
Personality Quirks: A free spirit, spontaneous, prankster of the group, easily distracted, hyper-energetic and excitable, preferring fun to ninja training, addicted to Orange Crush soda. Also, according to Nickelodeon, Mikey has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD-1) which explains his tendency to lack concentrated focus, to be distracted and not listen, to be hyperactive & fidgety, to be impulsive or forgetful; to not follow directions and to talk excessively or out of turn. (All evidenced in both in the cartoon & in the movie: for example, on film, Raph has to turn around and say, "We can both hear you," when Mikey impulsively says something completely inappropriate about April.) 
Hobbies:  Skateboarding; video games; music--particularly Rap, Rock & Techno (on film he mentions an unfinished Christmas Rap album he and Raph were working on); watching funny videos on You Tube; watching popular movies like Star Wars & Batman; eating Pizza & flirting with April, his first crush.
[Weight stat is my own estimate based on estimated characters height & build based on official stat that Donnie is 6'8'' & all other character info is from official Nickelodeon or TMNT movie related sites.] 
Michelangelo was portrayed by Canadian actor, Noel Fisher, who is 5' 7", who is engaged to Layla Alizada.
He was also lucky enough to have his natural voice used on film for Mikey and, like the other Turtle actors, spent hours learning how to use his nunchuks.

Noel Fisher's eyes & his eyes as Michelangelo

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