Tuesday, November 11

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Raphael Art Set

This weeks new TMNT art poster set features Raphael:

City at My Back/Raphael
Nickname: Raph 
Age: 15
Height: 6' 4" to 6' 5" (76 to 77 inches tall)  
Weight: approx 335 lbs to 340 lbs (including shell) (He's biggest)
Biceps: 40 inches 
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Color: Dark green. He's the darkest green of all the Turtles.
Personality Quirks: Hot-Headed. Tends to lose control and become overly aggressive, even during training. He's impatient with details. Highly emotionally driven, he reacts first; asks questions later. Self-sufficient & independent, he doesn't like taking orders. Privately considers himself the more qualified leader. Has a pretty severe "Inferiority Complex," meaning he feels less adequate in all things compared to his brothers and copes with this feeling by overcompensating through excessive aggression. In general, Raph's character incarnations share a consistent fear of insects; Nick's cartoon Raphael is terrified of cockroaches.
Hobbies:  Besides working out and Ninjitsu training, Raph really likes music. (There's an acoustic guitar in his bed on the movie set) He likes listening to music, playing it and, apparently, creating it. On film, according to Mikey, he and Raph have been working on a hip-hop Christmas album. Also, according to Nickelodeon, Raph plays the drums. Nick cartoon Raph has a drum set in his bedroom and, as you can see below, the TMNT movie set also has a "Jam Room" with a sticker-covered drum set for Raph as well! And he likes to knit.
 Check it Out:

TMNT 2014 set still of Jam Room
There's bongos, a small electric organ on the table and assorted guitars on the wall.
Hey, maybe they just play at playing, like Bill & Ted on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?
But if Raphael did have any real skill at drumming, I'd love to see him do "Wipe Out!" 

Here's TMNT set picture of their community living area:
In the background behind the seating you can see their curved beds.  The sushi hassocks are so cute! There's even a wood bowl of decorative balls on the pizza-box coffee table!
You can see the weapons wall in the Dojo through the left hand arch.
TMNT 2014 set still of  Living Room.
Next: A better view of the Dojo weapons wall:
Tons of martial art weapons all the way up high! Note the striped short-fighting sticks in rack and next to those higher up, a set wood-handled kama's, which is like a sickle-hatchet. 
The round open door is where they drop down during the movie, start putting away their weapons and end up in a shut-up contest before Splinter catches them.
TMNT 2104 set still of  Dojo weapons wall.
Hope you enjoyed this view of TMNT sets we didn't get a good look at during the course of the film. 2 more films are contracted, so it should get plenty of use!
(Weight & height stats are my own estimations using Donnie's official height stat of 6' 8" & the elevator scene. All other personality & hobby info is from various official TMNT movie or Nickelodeon sites.)

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I love that he's terrified of cockroaches! This is why the cartoons are so good!

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