Friday, December 12

Friday Finds: Christmas Shopping!

There's still time for Christmas shopping and shipping at Zazzle's Gift Center!
(Check out daily sales at top of page!)

 Still looking for gifts? Check out:
*Gifts Under $20:
 Mugs, hats, bags, magnets, mouse pads, vanity mirrors & more!

 *Gifts Under $50:
T-shirts, sweatshirts, iPad mini's, iPad covers, pillows, clocks, watches, phone cases, sleeves, plates, cookies, treats, small posters & more!

(Brownies come individually wrapped/order by the dozen.)

Personalized Serving Trays!

What about Ugly Christmas Shirts?
Wow, we have a winner! Just add your name to the tag!

Or A Unique Christmas Tie?
Lots to choose from! Both funny & serious.

Head Elf Tie
Christmas Snowflakes Tie

 For more Holiday Shopping Gifts, click
That's it for today!  Have a great weekend!

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