Friday, December 19

Friday Finds: Favorite Cute Zazzle Things

Today's Finds come from my Pinterest Board:
Besides hobby interest boards, I have several specialty Zazzle boards, like "Funny Shirts Shop" or "Cool Designs & Gifts Shop." So do stop by!
I've selected these finds to share because they're cool, amazing, funny or just plain cute!

A "His Way" t-shirt design that's a typographic parody on a popular fast food sandwich chain logo!
Visit Katiespatz for more Christian faith gifts!


Here's shirt I think both funny and adorable called, "Introvert By Design" with a little tortoise illustration. 
Visit Mysticrivers for more!

And finally, from my Chocolate Shop, this hilarious iPad Mini Case "Chocolate NOW!" with the karate-kicking woman silhouette!
Visit  Sweet n' Sour Grits for more cute fun!
(She has Chocolate, Turtle & Pig designs!)
Chocolate NOW!
That's it for today!  Have a great weekend and come back Monday for Good Eating!

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Spazington said...

These are great Bev! You've got a talent for finding treasures! I especially liked the Jesus is King phone case but sadly she doesn't have it in the 6 PLUS 😓

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