Tuesday, December 23

Polyvore Christmas: Merry Christmas Card Sets

Polyvore held a recent contest for Christmas card designs with one winner getting their card printed for their own use.
I had some good designs--in my opinion--but wasn't the lucky winner. 
But since they're perfect for Christmas wishes, I'm posting a couple!
So, today's Polyvore sets are two of those contest designs:

This first one is my favorite:
It's comprised of water color elements I found in Polyvore.

Christmas Watercolor

My next favorite card entry had a "ugly sweater" theme:
 I think it's hilarious!

Tis The Season Let the Ugly Sweaters Roll

The winning card was actually just a bunch of individually applied paint stroke splotches in greens, blues & pinks with a white rectangle over the top that said "Joy to the World."
Of all the beautiful & clever card entries, I thought Polyvore's choice of winner quite neutral and bland.
 I just don't get what's in either Polyvore's or their manufacturer sponsor's heads sometimes.
Next Tuesday, two more card entries of the 4 I created!
Because this Thursday is Christmas, no Mama Kat, since she's taking the holiday off, too!
Stop back tomorrow for Garden Pics!

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