Tuesday, December 30

Polyvore Tuesday: More Christmas Card Sets!

Welcome to another Polyvore Tuesday! These are my last 2 Christmas card contest sets.
I didn't win, but I love all the designs!

I love this particular picture of the 3 Stooges and turned it into a black & white style Christmas card:
Curly was always my favorite Stooge!3 Stooges Christmas Wish

I also love the snowy green nature theme of this next one:
It's made up of a layering of 5 elements I found in Polyvore's clip-art: 3 paint effects, 1 snowy pine scene & and 1 bird wreath.
And, no, I can't replicate it or use it for anything except blog display because of copyright stuff.  

Movie Review:
We recently saw Night At the Museum 3 and it was pretty good. A few slight slow parts, but I'd still give it two-thumbs up.
There's a uncredited cameo by Hugh Jackman that was hilarious! The movie takes place in England and Hugh and actress Alice Eve were on stage performing a scene from Camelot, when Sir Lancelot from  runs up on stage, interrupting them. So Hugh and Alice are trying to get him off stage, but Lancelot, determined to find Camelot, doesn't understand what's going on. 
The hilarious part was Hugh resorting to his snarling Wolverine pose to try to frighten Lancelot, but Lancelot just gapes at him: "What are you doing?" he asks.
 Alice explains. "He's doing his Wolverine," she says, then adds, "It's better with the claws."
 Hugh straightens and agrees with her, "It's better with the claws."
Dick Van Dyke dancing at the old folks home is good, too.
Museum 3 was the concluding episode of the series.
Two holiday movies we decided NOT to see, after reading user reviews, and those were "Into the Woods," & "Annie."
According to fan reviews, "Into the Woods," isn't for children and had a lot of people walking out midway through the film.
"Annie" had a better mix of positive user reviews, but we didn't see it because the music gets stuck in our heads every time we've just seen previews of them singing, "It's a hard knock life."

We decided to pass on getting ear-worms.
Come back tomorrow for Garden Pics!

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