Tuesday, December 2

Polyvore Tuesday: Too Cool Winter Set

I'm not really a fashionista, so I don't sit around making clothing sets at Polyvore. I like to have contests or something to inspire me. But was a dry year for contests at Polyvore all summer.
Then the Ninja Turtle movie came out and that provided a well-spring of inspiration--plus, because they're so popular--those sets drew in lots of visitors. (examples: here, here , here & here if you missed them!)
I was also burnt-out from doing a couple back-to-back Zazzle contests and doing those TMNT sets was refreshing creativity.
But since November, Polyvore has being rolling out official big prize contests weekly, sometimes several a week.
I guess they were inspired by the holidays.

Anyway, today's Polyvore set is one I did for a Macy's contest.
I didn't win, but I like the set. I think it's a good, win-worthy set despite not winning and the Santa peeking our from behind is a cute touch. 

Too-Cool Winter Style: Contest Entry

That's it for today! Stop back by for tomorrow's Garden Pic!

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