Thursday, January 15

Bananas Thursday: Pinterest Diet & Exercise Humor!

Since I didn't like any of  Mama Kat's prompts this week, we're having a "Bananas Thursday."
 Bananas Thursday means I do what I want.

We all know the New Year inspires a bunch of diet and fitness resolutions and, upon looking through some diet and fitness humor in Pinterest, I was inspired to share some diet and fitness humor:

This Maxine cartoon above made me aburptly explode into snickering, out loud, in the computer room where Hubby was quietly playing a computer game, so much so he had to turn around to see what was going on! 
I could barely read it to him, I was laughing so much!
"I'm On a Fitness Kick" Maxine Shirt 
And, abovve, Maxine's take on being on a "Fitness Kick":
 "Anybody mentions fitness, I kick'em."


Yeah, that works.

Good Question. It's a mystery.


Totally Nailed It!

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