Friday, January 2

Friday Finds: Favorite Funny Zazzle!

Greetings! Hope you had a great New Years!  Did you eat your cabbage or black-eyed peas?
Now for some of my favorite funny finds from Zazzle from
my Pinterest:

(If you're interested in purchasing these featured items, just click their titles.)

This humorous mug from my Coffee Apparel & Gifts Shop features 4 cartoon sheep: 3 saying "baaa" and the last saying, "quack."
Designed by one of my Zazzle Community members who lives in Barcelona, Spain. He does lots watercolor designs, many related to Spain & Barcelona.
 To see more of his designs visit Sundressed Gifts!

Design is available on a variety of mug styles, steins & travel mugs!
Put a smile on someone's face with this funny birthday shirt from by Birthday Celebration Shop! Designed by BGuertner
from California. He specializes in funny shirts related to drums, bigfoot, yeti and whatever else strikes his fancy!

Visit his store at Guertshirts! for more funny shirts!

From my Funny T-Shirt Shop, this hilarious Star Trek/Star Wars reference shirt is one the Trekker or Trekkie in your life will totally get!


Also from my Funny T-Shirt Shop, this is one of my favorite funny shirts! (since I'm definitely NOT a morning person either)
Designed by a woman in Las Vegas, her store Cryptic Fragments
is packed full of lovely designs related to travel, national parks, digital paintings, travel photography & ancient history!
So do visit!

I've also pinned her Happy Pills & Cat Pillow designs in my Pinterest, too! 
That's it for today! Have a great weekend!

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I am also so NOT a morning person... ;-)

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