Friday, January 16

Friday Finds: More Valentine's Ideas!

There's a lot of stuff in Zazzle to look through, so for Friday Finds I peruse Zazzle for things that strike me as really clever or really cute or really good design. 
So, with that in mind, here's a few more ideas for Valentines Day!

Maybe a Valentine's iPhone 6 Case? 
Here's an adorable Valentine Tweety Bird Case!
(If you click the drop down menu under "Form Factor" this design is available also for iPhone 6 Plus, other iPhones, Droid, Ipod, Galaxy's & various iPad cases!)

Lot's more official Looney Tunes at the Zazzle's Looney Toons Store!

Everyone wants roses on Valentines and being a florist so many years gave me a keen eye for a good rose photo!
I saw this Pink Roses Card and loved it!

It's blank so you can add your own text message! Comes in all sizes.
It's blank so you can add your own text message and comes in all sizes!
(The postcard of this is available at my Pinterest under "Cute Valentines Cards/Gifts.")
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Remember those adorable message candy hearts from grade school?
Here they are as a sweet Valentine's Candy Hearts Magnet!
(Comes round, too)

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What about a cute Whimsical Fish towel?
This one features two fish kissing that you can customize with your own names!

It's design & color makes it perfect for Valentines, yet it isn't so red and heart-covered to feel limited to the Valentine's season!
This towel would be lovely to use all year round!
Check out more Valentine towels!

Be sure to visit my Pinterest "Cute Valentines Cards & Gifts" board for more ideas!
Be sure to check out my previous post: Think Valentines! for stamp, card & boxed chocolate ideas!
Have a great weekend!

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