Thursday, January 22

Mama Kat Thursday: That First Coffee

The Mama Kat topic for today is:
 "The best part of my day is..."

I guess I kind of fulfill that famous Folgers Coffee Jingle: "the best part of wakin' up is..."some kind of my cup."

The first best part of my day is Hubby finding my head somewhere under the covers to plant a kiss on my forehead, then the second best part of my day is that first cup of coffee.
Usually a mix of Decaf Community Coffee and regular Chocolate Mint 8 O'Clock Coffee.

The next best part of my day is our cat, Sunni, asking me to take a time out, away from the computer, let her sit on my lap for a little attention.
We rest together that way, she and I.

The final best part of my day is when Hubby comes home and we trade stories about how we spent our days.
   Then the cat sits on him.

So what's the best parts of your day?

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Jen said...

Coffee and making coffee. I love my Chemex pot and how it forces me to take my time in the morning. I can't be rushed, which is actually quite a lovely way to start my day - calm, intentional, quietly. I never leave home feeling frantic...even if I drink the entire pot of coffee. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Coffee and cats... the perfect day. ;)

Carol said...

Fun way to relax and to start and end your day!

Cinella Reyes said...

That's nice.... I've always wanted a cat.

TMW Hickman said...

What a wonderful day, to have a kiss, coffee, AND a cat!

Anonymous said...

I too love that moment of reconnecting with my husband each morning...though he is quite an early riser and I am not. So, I can't say that I am always totally conscious when it happens!~May@AchievingClarity

Mama Kat said...

Awww, the goodbye kiss sounds like such a sweet moment! And I agree, getting the first sip of coffee is something I look forward to everyday!

Allyson said...

I love the moment with your cat. I had a sweet kitty once who was very much one of the best parts of my day. These days it's impromptu kisses for my son!

Kelsey Loring said...

My husband leaves our house around 4:45 am so my goodbye kisses usually consist of groggy me trying to figure out what is going on ;). But I do think its one of my favorite parts of the day as well. And yes, coffee...can't live without it.

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