Tuesday, January 27

Polyvore Tuesday: Beware of Angels!

Today I have two sets for you!

First, a set I did for a contest sponsored several months ago by Thierry Mugler featuring his/their new designer perfume called, "Angel." 
The set consists of Polyvore clip-art: the interesting dark model, a set of feathery wings I add to the background behind her and some "cracked wall" special effects, a black rose and a display of the Mugler products with their logo.
It's a pretty nice set, one I've held onto. 

THIERRY MUGLER: Beware of Angels! Contest Entry

Second, a new 2014 movie Ninja Turtle set I just put together last night!
This one with a New York scenic background and the characters arranged in front. In keeping with the theme, one could say they are New York City's guardian angels.
This Is Our City--Ninja Turtles 2014

That's it for today!
Come back tomorrow to see what's up in the Garden!

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