Tuesday, January 20

Polyvore Tuesday: Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Greetings! Hope you had a pleasant holiday weekend! 
Today we took the cat to the vet for her annual rabies & distemper shot. She isn't always happy to be in the carrier, but we must have caught her on a good day, because she was particularly relaxed and uncomplaining about the trip.

Today's Polyvore set is my last Timex contest set, this one themed on that purse with the girl with yellow-eye shadow and dress. Just for fun.
I keep this bag in my personal file of Polyvore clipart and use it whenever I'm feeling flippant about a set design. Sometimes I just like the challenge of figuring out of new thing to do with it.
 Plus the olive tone went perfectly with this Timex watch band. Not that Timex noticed how amusingly cute this set is. I didn't win.
Maybe they didn't consider yellow a holiday color?

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell this holiday season?

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell by madamdreamweaver  featuring NARS eye shadow & Alexander  McQueen Lex leather shoes.
Tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday I'll have a photo of my current "upgrading the veggie garden" with a block wall project!
So do stop back!

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