Tuesday, January 13

Polyvore Tuesday: Skaters Rule, Others Drool.

Greetings! Another drizzly winter day in north Florida.
The fitness center we go to has changed hands. Good news is programs are being improved; bad news is they don't want to mess with auto-account withdrawals. I suppose it was a paper work hassle.
I like to watch "Goonies" while eating lunch often. It's a movie full of great lines. One of my favorites is when they find the skeleton of Chester Copperpot and Data says, "That's Chester Copperpot. I know it is. I recognize him."  
That just cracks me up every time. It's a skeleton.

Today's Polyvore is another Timex contest set; this one themed on skateboarding.  
There's a thing in Polyvore called, "Doll Making," which involves composing a human figure from composite parts. Sometimes the effect is a little Picasso. It's a thing a lot of Polyvore people are really into and devote all their set-making to the art. Me, I'm not so much, but for this particular set, doing a "doll" composite is what worked best for the look I was going for.
Her pants, belly, shirt, arms & head are all individual parts I pieced  together.
The background is skateboards & skateboarding pictures I found in Polyvore clipart with the photos displayed in the negative.

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell this holiday season?

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell this holiday season? by madamdreamweaver\

It's a cool set in my opinion. 
Michelangelo, (the Ninja Turtle) would be proud.

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