Tuesday, January 6

Polyvore Tuesday: James Bond Timex

Polyvore ran numerous sponsored contests during the holiday, including one contest for Timex watch company. So, for the next 3 weeks I'll be featuring my favorite Timex contest sets.
And no, I didn't win. 

Today's Timex contest set was one I did with sort of a James Bond theme:

Timex Contest Entry: How will you #WearItWell this holiday season?

Polyvore @ madamdreamweaver

And next, a set I did yesterday for my new line of "Pressing On Philippians 3:14 Rockclimb"phone covers:

Encouraging Phone Covers
This dark silhouette rock-climb design is by far my most popular and best selling design as a t-shirt, so I'm working on putting it on a wider array of suitable products.
I apply the design individually to each case model, because there's a huge discrepancy in dimensions--that way I make sure of a proper fit. Therefore, the whole gambit of current models are available in my store for iphone, galaxy, droid & ipod under "Electronics."

You can customize the case background color behind the design to any you like. Just click "Customize," then click the little eye-dropper under "Background Color" for a palette of color options.
Advanced Options is also available with a slider to make your color lighter or darker.


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