Wednesday, January 28

Wednesday Garden Pics: Green Bouquets!

 Today I'll be working on adjusting the castle wall blocks I'm edging the veggie bed with. To make the end work out, I end to adjust the height of both sides.
Tomatoes are planted in peat pots in my sunny kitchen window.
Some old Basil & Bell Pepper seeds are in wet napkins wrapped in plastic to promote sprouting roots, so I can tell which seeds are good.
I was going to post Daffodil pictures today, but my memory card for my camera finally kicked the bucket. I'll have to pick up a new one before I take any more pictures.

So instead of outside pictures, I have a couple pictures of fresh flower bouquets I designed:

First: this years Christmas vase with white & lime green flowers!
This was a $16 Walmart bundle consisting of white lilies, white alstromeria, white carns, white mums, baby's breath and large green spider mums, button mums & light green pixie carns.
Each lily blossom only lasts a couple days and needs to be trimmed off, but new ones keep opening, so lilies in a mixed bokay give you a good bang for the buck. Much better then roses, which only have one head.

I just love lime green flowers as arrangements!
You'd be surprised at the number of flowers available in citron/lime green: roses, hydrangeas, carns, mini-carns, large spider mums, bells of Ireland, button mums & pin cushion mums, gladiolas--and probably more I don't remember!
Next: An older all-green bouquet I made back when I used to work at the flower shop:
On holidays we were allowed to make a fresh flower bouquet to take home as gift. One of those times, because I love green flower arrangements so much, I made this all-green bouquet on the card front below:
Elegant Lime Green Rose Bouquet Thanks Note Card

I made it in a circular style, like a wedding bouquet, but just used it in a vase at home, but before that---I photographed it against a black fabric drape.
It consists of 3 citron roses, 3 green giant spider mums, 2 strands of asparagus fern, surrounded with green St. Johns Wort berries. (Florists call them "coffee beans" as a nickname, because that's what they kind of look like!)
The card & matching postcard are my newest designs!
That's all the pics today! Stop back to see what's up for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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