Friday, February 20

Friday Finds: Fabulicious Zazzle Custom Fabric!

Monogram Jungle Animals For Girl
Do you sew, quilt or applique? If so, then you'll be interested
in Zazzle's NEW custom fabric line!

They have 7 Fabric Types Available:
 Combed cotton, Pima cotton, Cotton Twill, Polyester Poplin, Polyester Weave, Ivory Linen & Natural Linen!
Widths vary based on fabric type (54" to 60") and fabric can be purchased in 
10 continuous yards!

What Sort of Things Can You Do With Zazzle Fabric?
Well, lots.
The cottons are all great for quilting, applique & crafts!
The twill, polyesters & linens are well suited for making home decor accents like place mats, table cloths, curtains or pillows!
The Pima Cotton & Ivory Linen could, depending on the apparel pattern, be good options clothing!
 (Sewing patterns, like Simplicity & Butterick, always have a list of recommended fabrics on back!) 
For example: if "cotton types" are recommend by the pattern, Pima Cotton would make an excellent blouse or shirt; if "linen types" are recommended, Ivory Linen could make a skirt or jacket. 
Polyester Weave could make a nice jacket, if you like a more textured look.

Vintage Floral Retro Aztec
How Can You Really Know What You're Getting?
You can order a 9 x 9 swatch of any fabric you're interested in for $5.50 each!
That way you can see it, feel it and hold it against you sofa or wall paint to see if it's really the color you want!
I don't know about you, but when it comes to buying fabric, I'm a tactile-buyer--
I want to see and feel my fabric. And swatches let you do that!
(Fabric printing can either be lighter or darker then pictured, so getting a swatch first would be a wise choice--just like buying those $5 sample size paints to try out before buying a big can!)

There Are Special Project Occasions Custom Fabric Would Be Perfect For...
Favorite 9 Photo Fabric

...Like when you want to put family photos or wedding photos or pet photos on fabric for a special quilt or pillow! 

Colorful Modern Name Collage

...Like when you want to create a personalized pillow or throw blanket with your son or daughter's name all over it for them to take to college!

Alice In Wonderland 

...Like when you might want a particular theme whether cats, elephants, strawberries...or even Alice In Wonderland!
If you need a theme, no doubt some designer in Zazzle has probably made it!

Ever Considered Dragonflies?
Vibrant Modern Dragonfly Print
This fabric is my design. I did it for a Zazzle contest. It features a colorful dragonfly print that's based on an actual dragonfly I photographed. It looks big close up, but is only 4" x 4" design, repeated.
On Pima Cotton, this would make a nice blouse or curtains. On Twill or Poplin, a nice place mat or pillow cover.

A "fat quarter" 
Zazzle also sells fabric by the "Fat Quarter."
A "fat quarter" is 18 inches by whatever width the particular fabric is.
Perfect for those smaller projects!

The Zazzle Fabric Store has fabric designs arranged by Pattern, Theme & Holidays for your shopping convenience!
So, do stop by for a look at all the amazing designs! 
Just click the store link!
For more details about the fabric, it's suggested uses, it's size or laundering, go here!
All the swatches pictured are also available for purchase!
Thanks for stopping by!  See you Monday!

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