Tuesday, February 24

Polyvore Tuesday: Blue & Coral Fashion

Today's fashion themed set was a contest set sponsored by the brand name consignment business, The Real Real.
The shoe & the bag were items provided in the contest and I continued their color scheme of blue, black & coral throughout the rest of the set with items from Polyvore's extensive clip art---with coral being a challenging color to find!
I didn't win, but I like the set because the coral was such a challenge to make work!

Date Night Dressing with The RealReal: Contest Entry

Date Night Dressing with The RealReal: Contest Entry 

Other Good News:
I use Serif.com DrawPlus5 for my design work, but that platform has been replaced with a newer version since I purchased it 3 years ago. But, as a previous purchaser, they finally sent me a really good deal on upgrading to the new platform, DrawPlus6 plus free shipping! This time it's coming to me as a disc in the mail rather then a direct down-load, which is much better. I'll have a hard-copy as a back-up. So, I'm looking forward to getting that in the mail this week!

Also, the Fitness Center we belong to has changed hands and they wanted to do something about changing the Stretch & Flex class I attend, because it's more Gentle Yoga really then a simple Stretch & Flex.  If it was going to be called a Stretch & Flex class, the new owners wanted one that any fitness instructor could teach rather then one that was still just technically Yoga, when there were lots of Yoga classes already. 
This raised a considerable squawk from the attendees. Also it would have made the monthly class outing to a local restaurant for lunch go away.
For me, this class, regardless of name, is exactly what I need and over the past year I've experienced a huge benefit in joint strengthening, balance & relaxed, stretched as well as toned muscles. Plus, I like the instructor, whose name is Candy.
It was supposed to change today, so when I drove down, I had no idea what sort of Stretch & Flex thing I'd be getting.
But Candy was there--good news: she said they were going keep both her and our stretch-yoga class on Tues. & Thurs mornings, which is when I go, but it will be re-named accordingly.
Most importantly, the monthly lunch out my "Gentle Yoga" class will continue! Yay!
So I feel really happy with the outcome of that!
That's all the excitement for today! Stop back tomorrow for pretty Garden pictures!

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