Tuesday, February 10

Polyvore Tuesday: Dare To Be Different

Today's Polyvore set is a contest set sponsored by Guess DARE perfume several months ago.
I combined a leopard & black theme with all the expressions using the word, "Dare" that I could find in Polyvore clipart starting with the question, "Do I Dare?" then continuing around the set with ways one might "dare." 
I thought it was clever. No, I didn't win.

Do You Dare with GUESS Dare: Contest Entry

Do You Dare with GUESS Dare: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

There's an on-going current contest again being sponsored by Guess Dare that I've made a couple sets for, which will eventually end up here. Also a couple sets for contest sponsor TheRealReal.Com---which is a high-end "luxury consignment sales" fashion store. But you can't look around their homepage until you sign-in to be a member. 
I usually say, "eh,"  and leave such sites.

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