Tuesday, February 17

Polyvore Tuesday: Dash of Daring

Greetings! Welcome back for another week of Choice Morsels!
I noticed my wedding ring finger was itchy today--and that's a sure sign of a lint build-up in the space under my wedding ring that needs cleaning out! So I did that. 

How I came to have the wedding rings I currently wear is a long and sordid story. 
Thirty-two years ago when Hubby and I married, he asked his brother pick out our rings, because brother couldn't attend the wedding and he wanted him to feel included. So brother selected a pair of simple etched gold bands. Hubby had no particular feeling about ring styles and, at the time, neither did I.  I wasn't a big ring-wearer anyway and had never even given wedding band styles a thought. 
Then 20 years went by and those gold bands wore smooth, so they looked plain and I started feeling like I wanted a way to make my wedding band look special again.
 At that same time, a local jewelry store started mailing out jewelry sale advertising in the weekly paper and I started looking over the various rings. I gradually realized that I really wanted a special looking ring, one with precious stones. Eventually I arrived at the idea that I wanted one of those anniversary bands that had several small stones embedded in it to wear with my wedding band. Once I decided that, I told Hubby.
It might help to know Hubby isn't sentimental. As long as we have wedding bands on, he really doesn't care what they look like or where they come from. He also knows I'm not a spontaneous shopper, so he curiously asked how long I'd been thinking about this decision?
 I said, "Two years."
He laughed uproariously. Then off to that jewelry store we went and picked out a anniversary band that I had 3 small diamonds & 2 small emeralds put in. 
(not my birthstone; green is just my favorite color)
And I was happy. 
A couple years went by, then one day in one of those jewelry store flyers I saw an ad for a ring I thought would make the perfect replacement for both of our worn gold bands. It wasn't technically even a wedding ring, but I loved it. It was a yellow gold ring with cross-over strip of white gold on top and in the center, where the two metals criss-crossed, a very small set-in diamond.
I thought it a good representation of our two lives combined (two metals) into one heart (the diamond.)
I showed the picture to Hubby and he liked it, too, so back to the jewelry store we went and I've had a "wedding set" I actually like ever since. That was about 13 years ago.
It's this ring that has to have it's underside cleaned of lint periodically.

Today's Polyvore set is a current Guess Dare contest set!
The dress & jacket were in the contest item options, so I picked those and themed the set on the dress: purple, red and flowers.
The contest description required that a Guess Dare cologne be displayed in each contest entry; a detail I noted many contest entrants apparently missed. 
Heat Up Your Valentine's Day with GUESS DARE: Contest Entry

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