Tuesday, February 3

Polyvore Tuesday: Macy's Hello

Did you watch the super bowl? I have to say I was disappointed at the lack of good sportsmanship on the field during game play. 
We host a non-alcohol Super Bowl watching event with snack foods at the Airman Center on base for regulars who hang out there, because they like the homey environment. The place is like a giant living room with multiple big screen televisions, every kind of video gaming system, free wi-fi plus it has a full kitchen with tables and chairs AND a full size pool table!  It's nice.
Today at Stretch & Flex class a lady complimented me by telling me I looked like I was losing weight. I hope so. I've been working on it. Though I feel like I'm always working on it. 

Today's Polyvore set is a template set I did for the Macy's contest back in December.
A template is a set someone else has designed the lay-out for and you just plug the clothing, shoes and so on into the various blank spaces so labeled.
I tried several, but this is the only one I actually liked how it came out.

Holiday Soiree Style: Macy's Contest Entry

Holiday Soiree Style: Macy's Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see a pine tree flower!

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Sharon Pate said...

Wonderful set. I wish I had the time to make sets on Polyvore like I used to but I have been too busy. It is such fun. You must keep posting so I can see your beautiful sets.


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