Friday, March 13

Friday Finds: New Zazzle Coupons & Promo Codes!

Everyone loves a sale, right? Well, great news! Zazzle has set up a brand new "Special Offers & Coupons" page where you can check what's on sale all in one easy step!
This is definitely a page you'll want to either bookmark or put in your favorites file--especially if you're waiting for a good deal on something in particular--because these discounts & sales will change often! 
(Click "details" under any discount you're interested in for exact information on how long a sale will be on!)

Here you'll find 3 categories of deals at a glance: Product Offers, Brand Offers & Maker Offers!

Product Offers are sales discounts on Zazzle products & tell you the discount and what promo-code to use at checkout!

Brand Offers are sales being offered by one of Zazzle's franchise-partners, like Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon or many more with whom Zazzle is licensed to print their unique designs!

Maker Offers are sales being offered by the many new manufacturers who have teamed-up with Zazzle to offer you products that you can tailor to your liking!

An example of a Maker Product:
This Maker, Foremost Communications, manufactures the customizable Favor Boxes, Chocolate Countdown Boxes & Wine Gift Boxes available at Zazzle, like this:  Vintage Blue Police Call Box Wine Gift Box!
(Dr. Who would be proud!)

To see more visit Foremost Communications Showcase page featuring designs created by different designer's from through-out Zazzle!

An Example of a Zazzle Brand:
The Humane Society of the United States is a brand Zazzle prints for!
Every purchase you make helps support the U.S. Humane Society! (More info on their various corporate supporters here!)
(Other case models also available!)

I picked this design because I know turtles, such as Red-Eared Sliders & even Eastern Box Turtles, are frequently harvested from the wild for use in pet stores or selling even online. Many die in the process. Such practices are slowly being regulated or outlawed in many states, but not all.
Make the Ninja Turtles proud--don't buy Turtles for pets!

The Humane Society store has lots of design options reflecting their many causes on tons of products, so check out their Zazzle HSUS store!
 Maybe you might even help with a purchase!

Finally, Product Offers are a hand-picked selection out of 1000's of Zazzle products that they want to give you a good deal on that can range from shirts to cards to mugs to wall art!
To see what great Product Offers are currently available visit their "Special Offers & Coupons" page now!  

Here's a product example:
The perfect Spring Break postcard to send back to any classmates back home who "didn't make it" to the beach with you...or anyone else you want to fill with envy about your coastal vacation!

Me Here-You Not Funny Beach Postcard!
That's it for today! Stop back for Good Eating Monday!

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