Wednesday, March 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Bluebird & Mini-Daffodils!

The bird-feeder traffic has finally slowed down now that the Goldfinches & Palm Warblers have moved on to their nesting/residence zones further north. Florida is just their winter vacation area.
I still have Chipping Sparrows, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Purple Finches & Nuthatches visiting the feeder.
All sorts of woodpeckers live here year round, too: Downy, Red-headed, Red-bellied & Pilated. I heard some Pilated Woodpeckers in the woods across the road the other day; they have a distinctive call.
A couple days ago I captured this shot of a male Bluebird sitting on the hook above the feeder!

The Mrs. was with him, on the ground closer to my patio. The female has the same white & tan breast, but is otherwise dun colored with only blue tail feathers & wing edges.
The pair are nesting somewhere on the block. I haven't looked into a Bluebird nesting box yet, though I'd like to.

Today's flower pic is my miniature Daffodils blooming in the back woodsy area:

I love these. They looks so perky mingled among the larger Daffodils!
There are many varieties and colors of Daffodils, so if you're going in for planting them, do mingle varieties!

Last, a shot my Japanese Privets I worked so hard on earlier last week (before wasps got to nesting in them)!

There are different ways for hedging these. You can see I keep the legs bare on the front pair. This allows for planting flowers and things under them. The pair further back hide the A/C unit, so I hedge them in the traditional rectangular style.
You can also see my bare Hosta bed, since they aren't awake yet.

Yesterday I finished trimming the last pair of Pampas Grass & also planted Melon & Zucchini seeds, which are both small garden-bush type plants. The tomatoes are also in the ground.
That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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