Wednesday, March 11

Garden Pic Wednesday: Spring Hyacinths & Red-Bellied Woodpeckers!

Yesterday's task was hedging the overgrown shrubs (since my car didn't start) and I also cleaned up the Hosta bed that's between those sets of shrubs as well.
Hubby checked my car this morning and it started up fine. 
So, since yesterdays yard work was major exercise, I did something lighter today: watering all flowers, flowering shrubs, herbs & pots with Miracle grow. I do this with a watering can & a also a plastic milk jug, so I can carry some in both hands. 
I only have one usable outside water tap now at the back of the house and walking around with watering can is WAY easier then wrangling 200 feet of hose, believe me.
Today's Garden Pics:
Some of my new Hyacinths I planted last fall:

I love these 2 purple ones! A total of 4 came up: these 2 purple, a pink and I think maybe a white. It's just a bud still, so I can't really tell. They were mixed bulbs.

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker on the Feeder:

I got this shot of the Woodpecker just this morning! The little genius has figured out how to get his share of bird seed, despite the wire cage! I often see him visit like this!
Red-bellied Woodpeckers have a slightly red head and a splash of red color on their front belly. Their wings & back have this speckled black & white coloring.
There is also a Red-Headed Woodpecker, but those have a solid red head, a fully white chest and solidly black wings & back.
I see both, but the Red-Bellied is the only one who's figured out the feeder.
I had one young male Cardinal last year, who figured out how to slip inside to eat his fill, but only that one.
What kinds of Woodpeckers do you see around where you live?

Did you know Moss blooms?
Here's a nice photo of a bit of moss growing in a brick hole that line the edge of my rain garden. The moss flowers are amazingly pretty!

That's it for today! Do stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!


Kelsey Loring said...

Those flowers are beautiful! And I LOVE bird watching :)

Spazington said...

Beautiful photos!

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