Wednesday, March 11

Polyvore Tuesday: Black & White GUESS Dare

Today didn't go as planned. I thought I was going to get in the car and drive down to the fitness center for my Gentle Yoga class---but the car didn't start. It seemed like a dead battery. I called Hubby, but he wouldn't be home till around 1 pm to help. 
So I did yard work till then. I saw a paper wasp investing my Privet bush by the garage and decided I needed to hedge those Privets NOW!
They got quite over-grown because, last year, wasps got to nesting in them before I got them hedged! Lesson learned, I determined I'd get to them more promptly this year!
Then Hubby came home and we decided to try a jump first before taking the battery out. Hubby isn't a car guy. So he stood there with the jumper cables in hand and asked, "So which end goes where?"
We did figure it out. I do know my way around cars--a little.
 And with some coaxing, the engine cranked up & turned over. We let it run awhile, then he turned it off and restarted it easily again without trouble.
After that, Hubby drove it down to the one of those Auto Parts stores that will test things for you and had the battery tested to get it checked. Surprise! The battery wasn't dead. The battery was okay. Normal charge. They checked the alternator, too. It was also working normally. 
Hubby then drove my car to a meet-up with a guy at a nearby coffee shop he had to get to, turned my car off, left it for an hour, then started it right up and drove home.
The Auto Shop tech said maybe it was fluke.
I do know I did happen to clean the positive terminal off right away after first calling Hubby. The bolt was looking whitish with slight corrosion, so I spray WD40 on it & wiped it off, really just to make the bolt easier to loosen for Hubby, should a removal of battery prove necessary. Maybe that was it.
So, it's a mystery. 

Today's Polyvore set is a GUESS Dare contest set from their most recent contest. 
(Which I didn't win.)
I did more of an artsy black & white theme except for the Dare perfume bottles. 
I did note that the winners Dare selected all used the photos Dare provided for the contest items, which are ad type photos with girl models. I didn't use those photos because they featured girls in super high-cut, overly-exposed short-short jean cut-offs that I consider a trashy look.  

Heat Up Your Valentine's Day with GUESS DARE: Contest Entry

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