Tuesday, March 17

Polyvore Tuesday: Decorate With Cats!

The saga of my car is over. Final analysis: it can't be repaired. The problem is neither the battery nor the alternator, but something in the electrical system. 
Fortunately, we already had plans to replace it this year & funds in place to do so. I had wanted to wait till the end of the year, because I was reluctant to part with my beloved 22 year old Saturn Coupe, but she changed those plans. It was a very reliable and despite her age, never stranded me any place ever. If she had a problem, it always happened in our driveway.
Hubby and a local Kia salesman hit off a friendship during the purchase of his car 3 years ago and he's had the what we wanted just waiting in his file for the go ahead.
  So, by the end of this week I'll be the proud owner of a new 6-speed Kia Soul!
Pep Boys charged us nothing; not even for the tow. (Kind of them.) And we arranged with Good Will to pick it up from Pep Boys lot on Friday. (Good Will will take non-working cars, which I didn't know.)

Today's Polyvore set is one I recently did for an interior design contest themed on "Decorating with Cats."

The Look-Decorate w/Cats

My guest room is actually decorated with a cat theme, though not black & teal!  It has cat curtains, a cat wall border, a framed cat jigsaw puzzle and numerous other cat touches!
Time to fix dinner!
Check back for tomorrows Garden Pics!

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