Thursday, April 16

Friday Finds: Clocks!

One of several promo specials at Zazzle this week is Clocks!
Everyone needs a clock, right?
It's funny our M&M wall clock quit working recently--not because of the battery, but because the mechanism the battery goes in that runs the hands no longer works. So we have to pick a new mechanism, which is easy enough. The clock was a gift from a friend who knows we collect chocolate decor, so I want to keep it!

Anyway---Clocks! I'm excited about a new space themed clock I designed:
It features the actual astronomical symbols or "glyphs" for our solar system in place of numbers in metallic purple--which I had to research, then piece together one by one in my drawing program.
The Sun is 12, then moving right is Mercury,Venus, Mars, Ceres (the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt), the Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.  

Planetary Glyph Deep Space Astronomy Clock
This design is also available as a watch in my store
(Watches are in the "Electronics" file now!)

One of my favorite Geeky type clocks designed by someone else I have pinned on my Home Decor board in Pinterest:
All About Science Geek Math Wall  Clock

Clocks lend themselves to decor themes or hobbies, like this coffee themed clock, which would be great in a kitchen:
Here's a purple quilt tea time themed clock:
You add your monogram to the tea towel!

Monogrammed  Teapot Quilt Patch Clock

Did you know Zazzle has "Aqua Clocks?" 
Yes, these are Betta fish tanks! The Aqua Clock is
 10 x 10 inches and 5 inches deep and can be hung on a wall or set on a table, if you buy the table-stand accessory, which is separate.
The clock comes with a fish net and wall mounting equipment.
A pirate theme clock for a Betta! What could be better?
(click on the link below to read about it!)

Pirates Gold Treasure Aqua Gold

That's all the Finds for today! 
Stop back on Monday for Good Eating!

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