Tuesday, April 21

Polyvore Tuesday: It's In The Eyes

I went to my Gentle Yoga class this morning, then came home and puttered around the garden a bit, planting some seeds I saved from last year, such as Bachelor Buttons & Sunflowers and now I'm working on lettering some poster board for our retreat this week, so people will know where "Registration" is. :)

Today's Polyvore set is one I did for one of their general unsponsored contests that was themed on "blue eye liner" and came up with this!  It has an element of fantasy to it with the ocean surf effects along the bottom and the butterfly. I got a couple compliments from my Polyvore community, which is why I decided to feature it here.
Would I ever wear blue lipstick? Hmmm...maybe to a science fiction convention for a cosplay, but for real life purposes---no. 
I used to be in a Star Trek club and had some shiny green lipstick I wore with my uniform that was part of my character/persona I'd created for the club.
Would you wear blue lipstick? 

It's in the Eyes

It's in the Eyes by madamdreamweaver 

That's it for today! Stop back tomorrow for Garden pics of my new bat-house turned to bird-house!

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