Tuesday, April 7

Polyvore Tuesday: On the Road with UGG!

We were home to Indiana for spring break. We got to see snow flurries blowing around the next day! We had an early family Easter dinner gathering at my sisters before heading back home on Sunday. Our favorite JW Steakhouse restaurant in Alabama where we stop over night was closed for the holiday, but we found a Longhorn down the road.
It was also my last chance to wear my winter clothes! Here in Florida, it's time for putting away winter and getting out the light clothing!
 Now that I'm back, lots and lots to do outside! Everything exploded. I guess I missed the Azaleas. 

Today's Polyvore set is one for a contest sponsored by UGG shoes.
I didn't win, though I liked the sets that did.

On the Road with UGG: Contest Entry

On the Road with UGG: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

Stop back tomorrow for Garden Pics!

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