Thursday, May 21

Mama Kat Thursday: Definition By Photo

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is:
 "Define and anger using pictures you have taken.
Quite the challenge--considering most of my photography is to do with my garden. Hard to find anger in a garden.
However, I managed. I chose pictures, then illustrated the emotions or character attributes with Bible verses.
I think the bee is my favorite!

(This grass area is only barren because it's next to my neighbors weed-infested yard and I pulled the weedy grass that was spreading onto my side up. I have plugs of grass I added from edging beds getting established here.)
That's it for today! Thanks for visiting!


Linda said...

I love the pictures with the bible verses!! Need to see more of that this day and age. Thanks...

kelley jensen said...

Thanks for sharing this today--I needed to feel the beauty.

Mama Kat said...

I love that you kept a flower/garden theme with your photos! They perfectly represent those words!

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