Thursday, May 7

Mama Kat Thursday: Quotes I Love

The Mama Kat prompt for today is: "Share A Quote You Love."

Actually, I have a ton of quotes I love and I love them because they tickle my fancy in one way or another.
 I keep a whole file of them on a board in Pinterest!
  So this is just a sampling:

A nice garden themed quote:

Unfortunately, the next one overly true:

I think in general introverts get underestimated because they're so quiet, even withdrawn. But the fact they are silent lets them see and hear more:

And who could live without a good coffee quote? I totally love this one. It's

This last one just totally cracks me up:

That's all the favorite quotes I have to share today!
What's yours?

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Carol said...

I love quotes, too! And pinterest-ing them. The first on your list is my favorite, and you had me laughing on the last one.

Mama Kat said...

I love that one about introverts. I definitely have some friends that I have seen people try and take advantage of because they mistook their quiet attention for lack of wit. Big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love quotes! It's sad htat I'm blind so I can't do picture quotes.

Anonymous said...

Love the quotes!

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