Tuesday, May 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Curvey Stripes

So, did you see the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie? What did you think?
I liked learning more about Hawkeye. There's a whole running gag about whether he has a girl friend. He says he doesn't, then later says he does.
There's also a humor line about Thor's Hammer--be sure and watch his face during the party when all his other friends are trying to pick it up.
The Avengers have a humor point of ribbing with Captain America through-out the film.
 I would've appreciated if the new android Avenger fellow had been called by name, since I'm not totally up on Marvel comic lore. I had to look him up. FYI: his name is Vision.
 The Avenger team is evolving. Black Widow & Captain American will be staying on.
I understand Loki was originally in the film, but producers decided there was so much going on already in the story line, they cut him out. Hopefully they'll be able to use those bits in the next Thor film, since Thor departs at the end to deal with something back home.
I don't think the sound was quite loud enough in the theater, so Hubby and I missed understanding a lot of crucial dialogue--like why Thor had to go home.
Also, I had a grown woman sitting in front of me who couldn't leave her phone in her purse. It was a moderately packed theater and those big iPhones and Galaxy's have really big bright screens! I didn't like having it glaring in my eyes while watching the beginning round of credits, which is always followed by a brief cut-scene related to the next Avengers film.  The whole audience was still quietly seated, waiting for it. I had to lean forward to suggest she put it away.
I mean, really folks--where's the consideration of others?
There's a huge sign on the wall as you walk in that says, "NO TEXTING."

Today's set is another plus-size contest set for "Curvy Stripes" that's already over.
I found the skirt in Polyvore's plus-size clip-art. I think it's my favorite thing about this set. I wear it.The scarf is a shawl for the shoulders.

Curvy Stripes for Evening

Curvy Stripes for Evening by madamdreamweaver 

Polyvore is currently hosting a whole series of plus-size contests sponsored either by plus-size fashion bloggers or fashion makers, but some of the styles just aren't that flattering in my opinion. 
The two models in the set above were provided for contest use by Polyvore and not only are they wearing the most boring, colorless black white and gray outfits, they don't even look happy.  
Plus stripes should be going up and down for a slimming effect--not horizontal anyway.

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