Tuesday, May 19

Polyvore Tuesday: A & F Getaway Outift

Today I walked around all the beds, fertilizing with liquid fertilizer in a watering can & planted some Black-Eyed Susan's I sprouted from last years seed.  They may reach bloom this season, but then will winter over and bloom again next year.
I only have one blooming in my front bed this year and this is it's second season.

Today's Polyvore set is a contest set for a contest sponsored by Abercrombie & Fitch themed on attire for a getaway vacation.
A lot of people do beach scenery. Since I live on the Gulf and already have all the beach I can stand, I did something else.
I like Disney World, if I'm going to getaway. It's only 7 hours away by car.
In any case, the Navy outfit is clip-art provided by A & F. To go with it I picked a hat (since Orlando is sunny all year round) a navy print scarf with orange trim and colorful ankle-tie espadrilles that are flat for walking.
I applied a photo frame effect to all the pictures and added a camera along with some background print.
Five winners will be chosen, which is better odds out 3000 entries, then just a single winner. 
Even so, beauty is in the eye of the beholding judges from A & F.

The A&F Summer Getaway Giveaway: Contest Entry

The A&F Summer Getaway Giveaway: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

If you could go anywhere & money was no object, what would be your fantasy getaway location?
That's it for today! Come back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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