Thursday, June 11

Mama Kat Thursday: A 10th Grade Memory

Today's Mama Kat blog prompt challenge is to write about, "A 10th Grade Memory."

Cheech & Chong: Then & Now
Wow, 10th grade? That would be 42 years ago, back in 1973. The radical 70's. That time just past hippy and but not quite disco, when ties and pants were super-wide,  the Watergate scandal and impeaching President Nixon were hot topics and Vietnam was coming to a close.
Oh yeah, and getting high on pot or drugs was the in-thing.
Because this was true, our school system decided it was important for all students to go through a drug education course, so they could understand the dangers of using drugs.

Which brings me to that 10th grade memory.
I was in that drug education class then. Mr. Walton was the instructor. He was also the wood shop teacher, so he was pretty laid back and many of the boys knew him well.
As I recall, we seemed to have plenty of time for tomfoolery in that class.
 Cheech & Chong with their marijuana themed humor were new up-and-coming comedians back then and their record album with the Mary Sister Elephant skit had just come out. That skit was also being played on the radio constantly.
A bunch of guys in that drug class LOVED that skit and were constantly quoting it. I suppose they liked it because of the teacher-student theme. I remember one of those boys happened to have the album and Mr. Walton allowed him to bring it into class and play it it on a record player. 
(It was an old-school 33 vinyl record.)
They played the whole thing, both sides, for the whole class period and we laughed and laughed.
And that's all we did that one day, in 10th grade drug education class, is listen to Cheech & Chong.
So, what do you remember from 10th grade?

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For the record, let me state I never ever touched marijuana or any other illicit drug anytime in my life.


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my memory from 10th grade. Our two memories couldn't be more different, huh? It's amazing the kind of things that happen in high school!

noexcuses said...

I was still in the late 60's in 10th grade, but remember Cheech & Chong very well! Thanks for stopping by with your kind words about my 10 Grade Memory. The year was 1968.

Mama Kat said...

Sounds like a blast! I always loved it when teachers would let us listen to music in class, but I have no idea whoo Cheech and Chong are. lol

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