Thursday, June 18

Mama Kat Thursday: An Awkward Moment

The Mama Kat blog writing prompt topic for today is, "Describe a awkward moment."

I had an awkward event happen right in front of me this week.
I didn't cause it. I try to avoid that.

I just was there when it happened. Awkward moments are generally like a toilet overflowing--you can't stop it. It's gonna do what it's gonna do and poopy water will be hitting the floor!This particularly noteworthy moment occurred at our Tuesday night Bible study we hold in the Airman's Center. The people who attend are largely 19 to 24 year old active duty Air Force plus a smattering of civilians employed on the base.

For the past few weeks we've been studying the Bible book of Daniel and to make it fun, when a chapter involves a dream or a vision, we break them into small groups with crayons and poster board to let them express their own creativity. Sometimes the main drawing gets accessorized by a Jeep grill or Sponge Bob and all sorts of oddities of imagination.

This week was chapter 8 with images of a ram and a goat, representing the historic empires of Persia, then Greece, which are so identified by the angel Gabriel.
All the girls were given the ram to draw and the guys got the goat.
Now here is where the awkward moment occurred.
I was sitting with the girls and a girl, whom I'll call Mary, said she'd been hoping to get the draw the goat because it had a horn in the middle of it's forehead like a unicorn and she liked unicorns.
Another girl across the table, whom I'll call Cathy, replied in agreement, saying something about it reminding her also of unicorn.
There must have been something about Cathy's tone or how she worded what she said I didn't catch, because Mary paused, looked at her and asked, " Do you mean that or are you making fun of me?"
I was sitting directly across from Cathy and could read her face. First Cathy looked like she'd just been slapped. Then I could see a wave of hurt, followed by an emotional withdrawal.
The awkward silence that followed was palpable.
I quickly interjected, "She means it."
But it was too late. 
Though Cathy never physically left, she remained sour and distant. She never touched a crayon to help. 
 The rest of us did the coloring on the ram Mary drew.
Later on, after the study, Hubby told me he saw Mary & Cathy conversing together privately, probably ironing things out.

Human interaction can be quite perplexing.
That's it on my most recent awkward moment!
What was yours?

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May said...

I hate that kind of situation. The more the "offender" tries to make it right, the more uncomfortable it becomes. But if they don't try to make it right...well, that is uncomfortable too! I think she probably handled it best by waiting until after when they could talk alone. I also think in the heat of the moment, I would not have had the good sense to think of that!
May@Achieving Clarity

Mama Kat said...

Oh man, I definitely prefer to be the onlooker of awkward situations then to actually be the person making it awkward!

Rose Marie B said...

Oh man, that's tough! You're a good facilitator, trying to intervene, good job! And I'm glad to hear they were talking later...being a grown is not as easy as it looks. :)

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