Tuesday, June 9

Polyvore Tuesday: Live the Life You've Imagined Contest Set

That's the name of this pink and brown themed fashion set--it was for a greeting card contest Polyvore was running a couple years ago. 
Four winning sets were arranged on a note card and printed with each winner getting a set of note cards, though they were mostly for Polyvore's personal business use. Pretty smart idea. Last December they ran a Christmas greeting card contest and winners got their cards printed for their own use. I especially enjoy the card themed contests, though I haven't won one yet. 

This set features a brown & pink theme along the lines of how I would enjoy dressing, if I dressed this fancy or if I wore brown and pink. I can't really wear pink. My skin has too much red tone to it. Pink belongs to spring and summer palettes, while I'm an autumn palette when it comes to clothing colors.
Plus skirt is a little too "penciled" for me, though I do like a calf-length skirt.

That's the cool thing about Polyvore--putting together fashion sets without limits on cost or style! 

Live the LIfe

Live the LIfe by madamdreamweaver

So, what colors look best on you?
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