Tuesday, June 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Tea, Chocolate & Teal

It is so hot and dry this week! I've split the mowing into portions. One portion yesterday, another today and the final portion will be mowed tomorrow. I came in and decided it would probably be in my best interest to eat a few of Hubby's pretzels along with my iced tea as I cooled off. For the salt. So I ate 8 of the little chunk type pretzels.

Today's Polvore set is an older set featuring teal & brown, which are two of my favorite colors!  
It was a set made just for fun, back when I first joined Polyvore. 
I like the skirt, scarf and jacket together. Exactly the kind of look I'd wear, if I were dressing up.

Tea, Chocolate & Teal

Tea, Chocolate & Teal by madamdreamweaver

That's it for today! 
Do stop back for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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