Friday, July 24

Friday Finds: Saturday Evening Post Gifts!

Triple Self-Portrait Pillow
Do you like the classic Saturday Evening Post art? What about Norman Rockwell's famous illustrations?
If so, you'll be delighted to know that Zazzle is now printing a choice selection of the Saturday Evening Post's most famous illustrations & cartoons!

Three categories are featured in the top banner:
(Click on any link to view!)

These are illustrations from stories published in the Post. Back in the day, publishing in magazines like the Post is how aspiring writers broke into the business!
There are 34 gorgeous illustration choices on anything from phone cases to mugs.
Here's a shirt example featuring an illustration called,
 "Clever Women Are Too Dangerous."

Illustrating for the Post really made Normal Rockwell's career.
Here, 33 of his most famous illustrations can be ordered enjoyed on anything from phone cases to mugs!
Here's a towel sample featuring one of Mr. Rockwell's very famous images, Rosie the Riveter!

Rosie the Riveter Kitchen Towel

If you don't know, back during World War II, after Pearl Harbor, when all the men left their jobs to go off to war, the women moved in to serve their country, too, by filling those jobs. It changed the American work-force.
The Saturday Evening Post:
This section features 8 categories of Post illustrations, including Fashion & Norman Rockwell, but also Kids & Cartoons.
If you're looking for Mr. Rockwell s famous holiday & Santa  Claus illustrations, you'll find them among others under "Post Holiday."

Here's an iPhone 6 Case sample featuring John F. Kennedy from the "Post Retro" category:

John F. Kennedy iPhone 6 Case
That's it for today! 
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