Thursday, July 23

Mama Kat Thursday: Camping At Great Dunes

The prompt topic for today is," Describe a memorable camping trip!"
Camping is what our family did when we traveled. It was our hotel.
Back then State Parks were $15 a night and a KOA's, around $20.
 For a family of 5 that was a great deal!
We carried a huge canvas tent, air mattresses, sleeping bags, an awning to cover the picnic table, a camp stove and a "kitchen kit" which was a compact wooden cabinet my Dad built to hold everything we used for cooking & eating. It sat at the back of the station wagon, so all Mother had to do was drop the tailgate, open the door and we were in business.
It was cool.

One trip we camped at the most amazing place in Colorado: The Great Dunes National Park & Preserve!
It's located southwest of Pueblo,  a mountain of sand stacked by the wind against the Sangre De Cristo Mountains!
It's a wilderness preserve full of wildlife and I remember seeing Antelope for the first time.

The campsites looked like this with a great view of the sand and mountains!

Reaching the sand was an easy walk from the campground. A wide shallow creek separates the campground from the sand.
We took our shoes off to walk through it.
It was only ankle deep and,  being May at the time, I remember it was freezing cold!

This is literally a MOUNTAIN of sand. It's huge. The people on it look like tiny sticks it's so big!
My sisters and I tried walking up a hill, but the sand is loose, so for every one step, you slide back two. 
It quickly proved exhausting. We didn't even make the top of the first ridge.
You can see in this picture trails of hikers that have gotten considerably far, but, believe me, that's for the seriously gung ho!

We only stayed one night, but Dunes remains a stand-out camping experience in my memory!
If you'd like to read another, more disastrous family camping experience visit the The Willow Slough Lesson.   It includes a photo of canvas tent we traveled with.
Are you interested in supporting National & State Parks in the U.S.? 
I ran across this official link from the National Park Foundation while looking for photos for this post. Disney is matching every donation to the Foundation. For more info, just click the link.
(For public service info only; I'm not affiliated.)

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Lisa Frederick said...

Oh how fun, and PRETTY, too! Sounds like you and your family had a lot of good times. Coming to you from Mama Kat's.

May said...

We camped there a few years ago on our way to the Grand Canyon. We took along saucer sleds and the kids sledded down the dunes. I had broken my toe the day before we went and hiked through that sand with a boot on!

Abby said...

Great choice, we love us some sand dunes!

Jenn said...

sounds like a great time!

Kimberly said...

We didn't have any of those near our place. Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Camping, although it costs more, is still cheap and we go every year! We actually leave in two weeks and I'm pumped!!

TMW Hickman said...

Wow, that would be such a great time. I may have to schedule that as one of our family trips next summer!

Mindie Dittemore said...

I love our national parks and we love to camp. Always great memories!! Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Monday Blog Hop! Can't wait to see what you have this week!!

Mama Kat said...

You can't beat a view like that for 15 bucks!!

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