Thursday, July 30

Mama Kat Thursday: The "I Am" Poem

The Mama Kat prompt I'm doing today is called, "The I Am Poem."  
It's based on this template that has blanks with suggestions for you to fill in that's keyed on words like, "I hear" or "I feel" or "I dream" and so on. 
It's a little like doing a serious mad-lib.
I did a little fine tuning once I got my basic poem here. The template will NOT save your poem once you've clicked, "Create my poem," so copy and paste it some place. If you don't, you'll have to fill the form out all over again. 
So, here's my "I Am" Poem: 

I Am
I am artistic and introverted.
I sometimes wonder what heaven will be like.
I hear the sound of solitude in my house.
I see what I want to draw in my mind's eye.
I want to make that idea a reality on my graphic program.
I am artistic and introverted.

I pretend I'm more interested in  idle conversations then I actually am.
I feel like a boat bobbing along on it's own little course in a great, wide ocean.
I touch my cat and feel her purr.
I worry often about what lays ahead for my life.
I cry alone in my quiet house, so no one knows how much that really worries me.

I am artistic and introverted.

I understand that I can only do the best I can with what I have.
I say what is positive and encouraging to others when I can.
I dream about having a couple Christian ladies my own age to meet with weekly for coffee.
I try to join my Yoga class for their once-a-month lunch out.
I hope to be a boat bobbing along with a few other boats like mine.
I am artistic and introverted. 
(Disclaimer: this is a poem put together on a fill in the blank format. While I do cry sometimes; I don't spend all my time crying; my life is relatively happy & fulfilling.)

You might like to give writing your own "I Am" Poem a try!

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Tina Hernandez said...

Thanks for sharing this poem! I have been writing poems for a while, but have not been ready to share them. I really like the prompt you used!

Christine Organ said...

As a fellow introvert, a lot of this rang true for me too.

Mama Kat said...

I think weekly coffee with friends sounds so lovely! Why is it such a difficult thing to nail down? I wish I had just an ounce of some artistic capabilities!

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