Tuesday, July 21

Polyvore Tuesday: Ant-Man & New Bella Crop Top!

Greetings! Another fine July afternoon!
We saw Ant-Man this past weekend! A well told story. Lot's of humor. Definitely integrated into the Avengers universe. And a nice plus: all the broken family relationships were redeemed by the end of the film. At the opening of the movie, which is set in the late 1980's, you get to see the same S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters, that was destroyed in Winter Soldier, just being built. Also Agent Peggy Carter, now roughly in her 60's.
 Be sure to stay through all the credits! Like other Marvel movies, there's two additional scenes to see: one after the initial credit roll and another at the end of all the credits!

Today's Polyvore set is one I created especially for today.
They've not had much in the way of sponsored contests for inspiration, so I have to find my own inspiration! Though, I'm sure they'll role out a bunch a fresh contests come fall!
Featured today is a graffiti art set high-lighting one of my Christian shirt designs that can be for men, women or kids
 on a Flowy Bella Crop Top and Coffee Mug!
The design is really cool lettering that has a grunge-graffiti feel that says, "Be Awesome for Jesus Today," with pops of purple and yellow behind some of the letters!
I added legs and a skirt, then picked out cool sandals, bag & jewelry from Polyvore's extensive fashion clip-art that I thought complimentary to the outfit.

Be Awesome For Jesus Today!

That's it for today! Stop back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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