Tuesday, July 28

Polyvore Tuesday: Boho Chic with Faith Hope & Love!

Today's Polyvore set themed on more of a hippy look, called, "Boho Chic," with the slogan "Start Your Own Revolution!"
I was thinking of the Beatles song when I wrote it.
This set features a retro graphic cross-stitch design I created that looks like various fabrics have been cut into letters to spell the words, "Faith Hope Love" then cross stitched!
It reminds me of the old jean purses I used the carry in high school back in the 70's. Making your own jean purse from an old pair of faded jeans was the "in" thing! All the girls were making them.
It was just a matter of cutting off the legs, seaming the bottom together, stitching the fly closed, making a shoulder strap from a leg, then covering the bag with hippy peace sign patches and assorted embroidery. It was cool. And fun!
Designs shown here include a tank shirt, a Courier Bag that can serve as a purse & a Throw Pillow!
They're available on many shirt styles, bag sizes or pillow types
in my store  under the category marked: "Christian."
Also newly added with this design: a mug, a teapot and a corked-back coaster set that match the pillow!
There's mini-thumbnails below the picture you can click on for each Faith Hope Love item shown.

Boho Chic: Be Your Own Revolution!

That's it for today! Stop back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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