Friday, August 14

Friday Finds: We're All Mad Here!

...a famous quote from that favorite childhood classic, "Alice In Wonderland," said by the Cheshire Cat.
Because it is so classic both as a book, on film and on television, Alice In Wonderland is popular theme in Zazzle, so today's "finds" are some of my favorites:

Created by Dezzys along with 40 other products, such as phone cases, cards and so on with this same design.
A very popular pin on my Teatime Pinterest board!
This cute tee features a vintage Mad Hatter's tea party illustration with color added that has been over-laid with green text from the book describing the tea party scene!
Created by Wayward Muse Designs, this store is full of lots more Alice and many other fun designs!

Here's a beautiful take on a vintage Alice illustration on a wrapped canvas! It features Alice playing croquet with a flamingo!
Created by DoodleFly at Antique Art, a Zazzle store with a broad selection of art of many interests: Advertising Art, Asian, Mythical, Scientific, Fashion, Christmas and more! 
Worth a visit!

 You might be wondering how such vintage book illustrations can be used on products such as these?
The first book was published in 1865, prior to copy-right laws. Then, later, at the turn of the 20th century, new printings were copy-righted, but those copyrights have long since expired and vintage Alice in Wonderland illustrations are public domain.
Copy-right on "Through the Looking Glass" expired in 1948 and is also public domain.
That's all the finds today! Stop back for Good Eating Monday!

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