Wednesday, August 12

Garden Pic Wednesday: In The Pink!

I got out and mowed half of the back yard earlier this afternoon and laid down some weed & feed on the mowed part. Now it's raining.

Today's Garden Pic is the first beautiful plume of Pink Pampas!
I just saw it yesterday. It's the first Pampas to bloom.
The plumes are baby pink for a few days until the sun bleaches them out, so the first bloom is the best photo!

My Mini Review of Movies We've Seen Recently:

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation:
Just a clean fun action spy movie with a generous smattering of humor throughout. I give it two-thumbs up.
 (The action could be considered be scary for kids under 7 or 8.)

Fantastic Four:
It's re-make movie about how the Fantastic Four became the "Fantastic Four." It's a back-ground movie. It's not a bad Marvel movie, but I wouldn't compare it to any of the Avenger related films.  I rate it as "okay."  This version has them experimenting with exploring another dimension, which is how the 4 are exposed to what changes them. 
Other Marvel films end with "Iron Man Will Return," or "Ant-Man Will Return." Not this one. There was no promise of "The Fantastic Four" returning. Nor were there any additional scenes during or after the credits. At all. (So don't wait around if you do go.)
That's it for today! Come back tomorrow for Mama Kat!

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