Thursday, August 13

Mama Kat Thursday: A Quote to Live By!

Today's Mama Kat blog prompt challenge ends up being a combination of "sharing a favorite quote" and "writing a blog inspired by the word 'cheap'".

Here we have Calvin selling "A Swift Kick In The Butt For $1.00." He says to  Hobbs, "Everybody I know needs what I'm selling."
I would agree.
Case in point is Hubby's most recent conversation with an Air Force guy from our Singles Ministry, whom I'll call Joe.
 Joe and Hubby have breakfast together every other Saturday so Hubby can help Joe grow in his walk with Jesus. 
Joe is 22 and is an Air Force cop. Currently, he lives off-base in a shared apartment in Ft. Walton. About 100 miles north of here, is a small town called Florala, just over the Florida border in Alabama.
 Apparently a couple other Air Force guys, who work with Joe, rent a house in Florala and have invited Joe to move in with them, so they could split rent 3 ways.
 Joe tells my Hubby this proposition and appeared to be actually considering it because Joe is cheap and all he was looking at was the $20 or $30 he could save on rent if he did that.
Hubby was actually appalled this was even on Joe's radar! Joe drives a Jeep Wrangler that gets a whole 15 miles per gallon!  He works 12 hour shifts and would have to spend nearly 4 hours every work day just driving back and forth for work! Hubby also warned Joe, that moving to Florala, would make him "disappear," as far as participating in the Ministry activities, which Joe had said were important to him--because, honestly, he'd soon tire of the cost of gas and simply avoid driving anywhere he didn't have to. Not to mention Florala is a tiny farming community with nothing for 20-something year Air Force guys to do--not even a single fast food.
All for the love of saving a few bucks.
So Hubby and Joe had a long talk about what Joe has claimed were his goals and priorities and also realities of moving there, like the cost of gas, that Joe hadn't thought through properly to try and help him not make a foolish, impulsive choice he'll only later regret.
 Joe really needed what Calvin was selling.
"For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs." 1 Timothy 6:10
Epilogue: We don't know yet what Joe might do. He's a bit of a loose cannon, but he did appreciate the food for thought he got from their conversation. So, we're hopeful.

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Kathy said...

I love Calvin and Hobbes! So many truths in that comic.....

It's funny how we sometimes limit ourselves to only seeing a part of the picture without even knowing it. This guy saw savings in one area but couldn't seem to spot the cost on the "flip side". Hopefully he really listened and can see the bigger picture now.

May said...

What a fortunate young man to have a mentor who cares enough to be honest. That is too rare a gift.

Marcy said...

It sounds like really good advice not to make that move. I always loved Calvin and Hobbes :)

Dominique Goh said...

I hope that JOE did manage to think rationally before making a decision which he may regret. Sometimes the savings are not actually savings when you consider the whole situation.

Carlyn Brody said...

I have read Calvin and Hobbes comics before and that was a good one. I liked the lesson about thinking things through. I hope Joe makes a good decision.

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