Tuesday, August 18

Polyvore Tuesday: Mind Over Body

I was very pleased today, after Yoga class, that one of the lady's ran up to me and said, "You've lost so much weight!"
I've avoided standing on a scale. That can be very discouraging. So I prayed that, when it would be actually encouraging to stand on a scale, that someone would do exactly what that lady did today. Just run up and be excited tell me that I look thinner.
Of course, I still have far to go. It's not easy in older years. Takes more time and is very slow.
I eat normally and keep a food journal. That helps me be aware of what I'm eating and helps me make good choices with food and pay attention to portions and so on. It's a just a guide.
I decided about 3 weeks ago to add in 30 minutes of weight training on equipment at the Fitness center on Tuesdays before Yoga and on any Friday Hubby and I both go, though sometimes our Friday's are busy and we can't fit it in.
 He usually goes to the Fitness center with me on Mondays and on any Friday we don't have prior commitments. He likes to ride a stationary bike and read a book--and these stationary bikes are electronic and full of bells and whistles. Lots of buttons.

It's funny---I look around the work-out room and every treadmill, stair master, ski-machine or whatever has a little television on it.
Plus there are at least 3 flat screens mounted on the ceiling throughout the equipment room, running silent, but there.
I think, "Is there no escape from the media?"
On top of that, most people have ear-buds on, which are attached to their phones, listening to music while they run, walk or work-out.
I don't do either. 
I think being in the gym working out as a time for "mental quietness."  
But I like being in my own little world--they know me there.

Today's Polyvore set is another contest set I created for Addias "AdiGIRL" contest with a Yoga theme.

Show Off Your adGIRL Style: Contest Entry

Show Off Your adiGIRL Style: Contest Entry by madamdreamweaver

Be sure to stop back for Garden Pics tomorrow!

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