Tuesday, August 4

Polyvore Tuesday: Tea Time!

The other day Polyvore posted a prize contest for "adiGirl" sponsored by Addias, but, apparently, some eager beaver in the Polyvore office posted it ahead of schedule, since the prize was still listed as "to be decided." 
It was up a few hours long enough for me and around 500 other people to post entries, then by evening it had been pulled from the contest list. I've seen this happen one other time.
It doesn't effect my set at all. Once they post it again, all existing entries will be effectively "entered" again. 
It's a sports wear theme. I've done a Zumba themed set and I have a Yoga one in draft, waiting for the contest to be put back up.

Today's set I just created is  "Tea Time" themed and features  7 teapots I've designed!
Three are Tea themed: 
Herb & Spice Names, Names of Tea Kinds,  & an Abstract Cubist

The other four have a Christian faith theme: 

Tea Time!

Zazzle teapots are all ceramic and come in two sizes: a small & a medium.
 I like to use the medium for display, so the design shows well. These are all medium.
A matching mug is also available for many of my teapot designs for a gift set! Any design can be customized to specific products by request also!
A fabulous gift for the tea lover for a birthday, wedding, housewarming or just because!
To see the full selection of teapots I have available you can find them all under Coffee/Tea at Bevstuff!
Are you a tea drinker? What's your favorite?

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