Friday, September 18

Friday Finds: Pirates!

Since it be "Talk Like A Pirate Day," on September 19, I thought I might "find" some pirate attire for ye!

First up: A shirt of my own creation; my Hubby's idea!
He wears one. It's actually a Christian shirt with a bible verse reference on the bottom (Hebrews 9:27) that refers to the statement "Dead Men Tell No Tales."  Ye can look it up.

Here we have a lovely skull & crossbones pirate shirt:
It'd be perfect for walking around with your little ones while trick or treating!  It comes in ladies & kids size styles as well & a variety of colors!

Pirate Skull & Crossbones Tee Shirt

Then there's always Captain Jack Sparrow:
A whole Zazzle Disney store full of Jack Sparrow Gifts, in fact!  Several designs are available on a variety of products including shirts for men, women & children!
Here's a one on a ladies shirt:

That be it for today matey's! You'll want to be sure to set your sails this way again come Monday for Good Eating! 

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