Thursday, September 3

Friday Finds: Zazzle Christmas Greeting Card Contest Entries!

My "finds" today are my two contest entries for Zazzle's card contest!
The challenge was to create a coordinated greeting set to include a card, a stamp, a label & a sticker.  Then I had to create a "Collection" in my store for each entry.

My First Entry is called "Jeweled Snowflakes":
This design is based on the December page in my Scrapbook Style Photo Memory Calendar that has been modified into a flat card design. So it's also "scrapbook" in style with a white photo frame to hold one photo, 3D jeweled snowflake motifs and has the words, "Christmas Wishes," in blue script! The back looks similar with snowflake dotted framed area for you to fill in with your greeting!
One handy feature about this stamp, sticker & decorative wrap around label design is that all three can be used throughout the winter season long past the holidays, since they're winter/snow themed and non-holiday specific! 
 A beautiful contemporary design in this season's trendiest colors!
If you'd like a closer look or might be interested in purchasing this set or any portion of it, go HERE.
Each item in this set is separate, so you can just purchase individual items!

My Second Entry is called "Cool Geometric Merry Christmas":
Also a contemporary design, this one features a minimalist style Chirstmas tree composed of simple stacked cubes in trendy pinks and greens, which are also hot Christmas colors for 2015!
This card is a traditional folded greeting card you can customize on the inside. The stamp and sticker match it and the wrap around return address label just features the tree. 
A very hip, fun seasonal design!
If you'd like to  look at this design more closely or to purchase the set or any portion of it, go HERE!
If you're wondering how I know what colors are trendy for 2015, I look it up online before I start the process of designing.Christmas cards. 
You can also just go to my Store and scroll down. Plus I have  many new and updated holiday card designs, labels, stamps & stickers available!
You might like to visit anyway because Zazzle has just updated all their designer's stores with a fresh new look!  I haven't quite got
the banner smoothed out--there's something funky about the pixel ratios.
That's it for today!
Because Monday is a holiday, I'll be having a day off, so see you Tuesday for Polyvore!

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